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To search for a product, type a word or a phrase and click on the Search button to see your results. The search engine will look for all the products associated with each word you type. For example, typing snake China cold will find all the products associated with any of the words snake, China or cold, whether or not the terms are related to one another.

Search engine rules:

  • A valid search can consist of multiple words, with or without punctuation marks
  • The search engine will look at the Product Title and the Product Specifications for a match with any of the words in your search
  • The search is NOT case sensitive
  • Using quotation marks makes no difference in your search results

If your search does not return the results you want:

  • Search on a word that means the same thing or something similar. For example, search on heat rather than hot
  • Search on different forms of the same word. For example, search on deploy and deployment
  • Try a more general term. For example, search on snake rather than rattlesnake